…..Why is getting a tattoo less painful than going to the dentist? © No Brain No Pain (part 2)


So you have been practicing the techniques from Part 1.  You now know you have a lot of control over your body; you can also see the link between your mind and your physiological responses right! 
Part two of the earlier exercise: (DO NOT START ON THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT PRACTICED THE FIRST PART) I want you to find a pain that you are experiencing now: focus on it with everything you have and MAKE IT WORSE!

Yup I said increase your pain! Trust me on this: Your brain is actually highly experienced in increasing your pain levels in various situtions. In fact we are pretty good at increasing lots of undesirable stuff in our lives; just by using our brain the wrong way. So practice this over and over: Increase – hold – and return to where it was. You know how to do it! Think it! Do it! Think it! Do it! (Just like Homer)
We are talking long term pain and long term results so please resist the urge to go to the next stage too soon: I want you to practice this for as long as it takes for you to feel the exhilaration of knowing you can control you body in this way. Even though it hurts; really do look on the up side of this! When you reach this point (not before) you are ready to have a little talk to your brain: You have established that your brain controls every part of you body! You have just provided yourself with definitive evidence that you can increase your pain levels. Logical conclusion? You can now start to reduce, turn down the levels, of your pain! Remember mentally getting rid of the pain may not mean you can throw away your stick or get out of the wheelchair (it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t either) but essentially we are saying that you know what you need to know about the damage; you do what is necessary, like not running on a sprained ankle: So Brain…we got the memo!… we know what the pain message was for and now we do not need it! You now have the tools to minimize your pain but like everything else in your toolbox: It only works if you use it! Many clients tried this, they did not believe it would work, but they trusted me, results varied BUT everyone got results!
NO I am not saying you are faking it OR its all in your head….OK well actually I am saying its largely in our heads! But you need to take that in context!
OH. The tattoo, well you already worked out the answer by now! People work up a pretty strong expectation of pain from the Dentist. When we get tattoos we have a totally different mindset! ©