Life so simple until we grow up and make it complicated!

Image  As a kid you work on emotional knowing (which isn’t knowledge)and it is sometimes right and sometimes wrong: As an adult you go out and acquire ‘knowledge’ which is sometimes right and sometimes wrong! I really upset one of my philosophy professors when I said that we do not really ‘know’ very much at all and that no one really knows where we started****, we have beliefs, some of us have faith, but many of the things we ‘know’ are no more credible in the long term than when we ‘knew’ the world was flat.  If you experience something then you know that it happened, you were there, you weren’t drunk or on drugs so your pretty sure what you experienced; others may or may not believe you but they cannot ‘know’ for sure!  One difference I guess is that no matter how much energy is put into knowing something you wont usually make it so. However, putting energy into what you believe can and often does make it manifest!  Yes that sounds like gobbledygook! 

Unless you have practiced meditating, programming your mind, visualization, prayer (whatever label works for you: personally I try not to get hung up on labels).  At the end of the day ‘believing’ give you hope and hope is what gets you over the line.

Sadly being a psychologist for so many years means I have seen a number of completed suicides! They cannot talk about their last moments.  Those that almost completed their suicide attempt all say the one same thing: at the end it wasn’t that they had run out of money, friends, love etc.: every one of them said it was because they had given up HOPE!

***As a child  no matter how people explained our origins to me, the 1 question that drove me nuts was ‘But where did the nothingness before that come from??’  Now I just tell myself that when our brains evolve more we will be able to answer that question!