Age is just a number? Or is it? Brain science facts!!



Age is just a number? Or is it?  Brain science facts!!

“Height is just a number” Kevin HART

There is absolutely no doubt that 40. 50, even 80 is not the same as it was for your parents! 

Of course there will always be people too lazy, uninformed OR unmotivated to stay young. There are 35/40 years olds who might as well be in their 60s/70s in terms of health, attitude, lifestyle and most importantly their thinking.  I work with many clients who struggle with being disconnected to the number on their birth certificate and/or the person in the mirror; especially when it comes to ‘age’

Women get pressured about having babies when they are 40+….. seriously back in the days when our lifespan and general health was way worse; when people married young; yes they had their first child at 18 BUT they  often had a lot of kids and were giving birth to their last one in their 40s or later.

People like Rachel Welch, George Clooney, Denzel and many others,  certainly give their ‘age-peers’ a good rep.   Jennifer Aniston is rockin a 45 year old body that would make any 20 years old jealous (see movie The Millers)

People will say, just tell me, it’s just a number, it doesn’t matter! (If it doesn’t matter why do people press so much to find out?).  Oh and on this subject Never, Never, answer (or ask) the question ‘ how many sexual partners have you had?’ because there is never going to be a good answer for either of you! And once asked you cannot un-ask!

Fact is your BRAIN CHEMISTRY decides how you will process certain information; once you know something you can’t then un-know it. Often people in relationships think they should tell each other every nitty gritty bit of info from their past, their deepest nooks and crannies of their mind…..

There is certainly such thing as too much information!

When you receive information your brain automatically searches through your billions of reference points on your hard-drive and allocates certain pre conceived ‘facts’ (more like stats than facts really)to your current situation. Sorry this means you too, unless you’re from another planet and don’t fit into brain science facts on this one.



Photo: Treeman by Michael PETCHKOVSKY (Australia)




There are people born without the wiring that tells their brain to feel pain: you want that disorder you say? Seriously? Have you ever had a paper cut on your finger and it did not even hurt until you knew it was there? Imagine you’re an athlete and you break an ankle but your brain doesn’t receive the message (pain response) so you keep on running….you end up with much worse damage than a sprained ankle. So how about someone who has damaged nerves in their leg; everything medically that can be done has been. They have their walking stick; they know what they can and can’t do… Brain got the memo! Message received! We have damage and we have done everything we can to fix it! So why does he need to continue feeling pain; well maybe if he forgets about the damage he might toss the walking stick and start playing footy. What if I say you can learn not to feel the pain (or at the very least to reduce those pain messages considerably). More on this later…
The process: Take this slow and work on each step until you ‘get it!’ Sit in a chair; I want to work first on getting you to know your body and heighten your physical awareness (and control)! So start with the butt muscle;
You already know how to flex and release your butt muscle. Do you know exactly how you control this muscle group? Or is it more like you just think it and it happens? Practice that a few times. Of course a professional can explain the dynamics of brain impulses, action potentials and a whole lot of science gobbledygook BUT to us mere mortals, it really does seem like we just think it and it happens. Now go for something a little harder, lock in you abdominals (your core) this is really hard to start with but keep trying until you get it (bonus: while you do this you are working on your six pack). Practice locking, holding and releasing. Try to build up to a whole minute ‘hold’ and you will start to get rock hard abs. If your struggling, any gym junky will give you some tips on how to do it.
Now for a visual: Again sitting in the chair I want you to play with a muscle you can see: tense and release a top thigh muscle and watch it move: Think it, move it; think it; move it; Even Homer can do that one. homer brain
OK now for a leap of faith, think of a muscle inside where you can’t see… or feel…. .Throats are good for this. Especially if you have ever had anxiety and you have felt that scary tightening of the throat brought about by a fear response. Remember you will not get any proof that it is happening so do it quite a few times. With enough practice you may become vaguely aware that it is working; more than likely you will just have to believe me! BUT since it worked on the ones you can feel and see, doesn’t common sense and logic tell you that it is working on ones you cannot see ??????
Just because you can’t prove something does not mean it is not happening! Can you prove there are no purple polar bears?

I won’t give you the rest of the exercise just yet because I want you to practice this stage first. So keep doing these exercises until you understand that your brain actually can control all your muscles (and your body) ©
funnt brain

Check back in a few days and I will show you how you can apply this to reducing (or eliminating) pain. And we can address the question…..Why is getting a tattoo less painful than going to the dentist?