The Little Book to Push Through Pain

The Little Book to Push Through Pain

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Hi I’m the author of Your Child The Little Scientist, I am also a Clinical Psychologist, a Mum, an ex-cop and a whole lot of other things.

So after being in Australia for a few months I’m finally back in LA; definitely my favorite place to be. Settled into an adorable little apartment and ready to roll up the sleeves and get my book out there. Essentially Your Child the Little Scientist IS a parenting book BUT when I say parenting I actually refer to every relationship in your life ESPECIALLY the one with you!

From the book…….
“Everything you do, everything you are, stems from your hard drive, the programs written on your psychological, intellectual, and      emotional computer since the day you were born (probably before). You are still a child inside, we all are, and that is a good thing! When all evidence of the childlike innocence, curiosity, and genius has gone, what do you
have left? “ (pp5-6)

“A child’s internal world, one can speculate, is both lacking in educated, intellectual processing and superior because of its purity and innocence; uncomplicated by
learned judgments, prejudices and censorship. With innocence, however, comes vulnerability.” (p44)   (MORE TO COME)

Working with my publicist to get some event happening so stay tuned for daily updates…….